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CHENNAI, India, February 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flattrade ( an online brand of Fortune Capital Services Pvt Ltd has introduced zero brokerage for its clients. Fortune Capital Services, a brokerage firm based in Chennai has been in the industry for about 18 years. The company believes that the zero brokerage plan for all transactions in all segments will disrupt the brokerage industry.

The brokerage industry has seen many changes over the past year. After the new SEBI margin rules, conventional brokerage saw a huge drop. These days, many entities offer no commission for certain segments, but Flattrade does not provide any brokerage services to disrupt the trading space in India and he took the initiative to offer this service. The company clearly sees a big market for the innovative Zero brokerage plan and thinks now is the right time to make the switch.; because income generated by brokerage fees with lots of hidden fees has become obsolete. Flattrade is the first India-based company to offer zero brokerage for all orders; like Equity, Intraday, F&O and Delivery across all commodity and currency segments with no hidden fees.

Mr. Narayana Moorthy, General Manager of Flat Trade, Explain, The Zero Brokerage plan is a well thought out plan and the company has carefully formed a business model to drive it forward and acquire more customers across the country. Pricing is simple for the zero brokerage plan, the customer just has to pay Rs 200 like a atime billed at the time of account opening. There are no annual maintenance fees or brokerage fees. The Zero brokerage plan would reduce costs for its customers, which is important for the long-term profitability of a trader or an investor in the capital markets.

He also explained how the business will generate revenue to run the business as there is no brokerage. “The expense is the same for us, whether it’s a single transaction or a million transactions. The Zero brokerage plan is not entirely new, the idea has already proven itself with brokers around the world. Additionally, the company will generate revenue through our funding products (NRML and MTF) and also through the benefits of the exchange by making higher volumes.

Elaborating on trading platforms, he said that Flattrade has always been focused on creating trading applications for its clients that would make investing easier and allow trading to work at scale. The company has built an ecosystem that would make trading agile and developed applications that meet the requirements of their clients who have different levels of trading experience, be it a beginner, passive investors or of professional traders. The company has also created custom-designed cross-platform apps for mobile, desktop and web trading.

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