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Hong Kong, Hong Kong – (Newsfile Corp. – Oct 23, 2021) – WBroker is a renowned online brokerage firm licensed from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (Type 1: Securities Trading) and ‘a registry of New Zealand Licensed financial service providers. WBroker has been a rising star in the market since its inception in 2015, thanks to its unique ideas and offerings. WBroker has served over 60,000 clients with a total transaction volume of over HKD 100 billion since 2017. In addition, its funding capacity for popular IPO projects has reached HKD 2 billion. Investors trust WBroker and hold WBroker in high regard.


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Being one of the most secure and usable securities trading and brokerage companies, WBroker’s primary concern is the safety of assets. With simple, secure and reliable services, WBroker has served customers around the world for many years. Over the next five years, it plans to become a Hong Kong-based one-stop-shop financial institution, providing high-quality global investment services to millions of clients both at home and abroad.

Providing commission-free stock trading in the US, Hong Kong and Chinese markets, WBroker also enables crypto trading and wealth management services and acts strictly under regulatory guidance and supervision in various markets.

With its simple participation platform, WBroker facilitates investors by allowing quick account opening. In just 10 minutes, users can create their accounts and start trading using their 24 hour transparent deposit services. To help users invest in high quality global assets, its easy one-click IPO participation. totals 2 billion funding for popular IPO subscription, plus 20X Max funding leverage supported for HK Stock IPO subscription as well as 4X leverage for trading. IPO funding is simply a short term loan offered by WBroker that allows users to invest a larger amount in an IPO, leading to ever higher returns for the investor. Their highly trained support team provides assistance in assessing the extent of the selected IPO investment’s returns and the risks involved.

The security of funds is essential to the operations and sustainable development of financial institutions, and it is what worries investors the most. WBroker does not guarantee returns on investment, but WBroker strives to help investors invest securely through technology, products and services. To protect the assets of its clients, WBroker segregates user funds into separate deposit accounts. This allows client funds to be invested directly in individual securities rather than in units of mutual funds offering personalized client portfolios and limiting exposure to a particular sector.

WBroker’s easy-to-use mobile and web apps allow investors to be continually updated with free real-time quotes for HK / US / A stocks. Their low capital requirement for IPO share subscriptions allows ordinary retail investors to grow into profitable investment industry.

With its very useful and easy to use features, WBroker is the best investment platform for both new and experienced investors, enabling everyone to make unprecedented profits in one of the safest and most favorable ways.

A powerful platform like WBroker serves the company very well by dedicating itself to making investing more accessible to people and empowering them with its efficient investing technology.

Broker W will always stand by your side.

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All investment strategies and investments carry a risk of loss. Nothing in this article should be construed as investment advice.

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