Swim Center Wins Risk Management Award


POOL/PACT’s Marshall Smith, East Fork Pool District Administrator Teresa Duffy, Carson Valley Swim Center Manager Shannon Harris, District President Frank Dressel, District Vice President Sharon DesJardins, District Administrator Travis Lee and Jarrod Hickman by POOL/PACT

The Carson Valley Swim Center received the Loss Control Excellence Program Award for demonstrating excellence in risk management and commitment to the health, safety and welfare of its staff and of the public it serves.

The award can only be obtained after a rigorous and comprehensive review of an entity’s policy and procedures that demonstrates adherence to best risk management practices. The review is conducted through an independent audit by professional risk experts.

This year’s award includes a recognition plaque featuring photography by local artist, Vivian Powers, in addition to a grant check for $3,200. The grant is intended to help continue and deepen the safety and utility management of the swim center.

Director Shannon Harris and Director of Human Resources Sharon Thompson were involved throughout the audit process.

“The (center) leadership staff is constantly striving to ensure that our programs and policies are the best possible for the benefit of our staff and the citizens we serve,” Harris said. “The rigorous audit of POOL/PACT’s loss control excellence program confirmed that we were good in most areas. We have adopted and amended our policies as required. On behalf of our staff, we are honored to accept this award. The team that achieved this success worked extremely hard.

Board Chairman Frank Dressel said the organization is proud to be recognized by auditors.

“We are proud to be recognized by POOL/PACT for this significant honor, in addition to the grant and recall of commemorative artwork.”


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