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A new second major program at Washington University in St. Louis will combine business and engineering courses for students interested in a career as a financial engineer.

A new interdisciplinary academic program will combine courses in math, computer science, engineering and finance for students at Washington University in St. Louis pursuing careers in financial engineering.

This second major in financial engineering will be offered beginning in fall 2017. The program is a joint effort between the School of Engineering & Applied Science and Olin Business School. Students must declare a first major in either school to add the second degree program. The Financial Engineering degree includes classroom work from Olin and Engineering, incorporating best practices from both schools to teach students to understand, model, and measure financial risk, and how it affects global markets.

“This new double major is an exciting step in increasing educational collaboration,” said Aaron Bobick, Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and James M. McKelvey Professor. “Systems engineering, in particular, provides the technical and analytical skills essential to impact increasingly complex financial markets and businesses. Many of our alumni in these areas have expressed strong support for such a program.

The combined courses will total 30 units and include courses such as Financial Accounting, Capital Markets and Investments, as well as Algorithms and Data Structures, Big Data and Machine Learning, and Financial Mathematics. The new second major is designed to prepare University of Washington students for the emerging field of financial engineering.

“Students will receive a unique blend of engineering and business education,” said Kurt Dirks, dean of Olin Business School and professor of managerial leadership at Bank of America. “The University of Washington is uniquely positioned to deliver such a program at a high level.”


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