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Welcome to the Goblins Podcast!

Today is a small episode reserved for Hobbes. He recently attended Commandfest in Richmond and wanted to discuss risk management and personal decision making.

Again, we would like to say that Black Lives Matter (with a link to where you can offer both monetary and non-monetary support).

Goblin Lore is also proud to have partnered with Coffee Grinding Co a black, LGBT+-affiliated and owned coffee company that aims to provide coffee to gamers. You can find out more about their mission here. You can use our partner code for a coffee at a reduced price!

This episode is sponsored by Zencastr. They provide crystal-clear sound and allow recording separate audio and video tracks for guests and hosts. Plus, there’s a secure cloud backup, so you never lose your interviews. It’s super easy to use and there’s nothing to download. My guests just click on the link and we start checking in. Click on here to get 30% off your first three months with a PRO account.

On another new note, we are continuing our partnership with The Fireside Alliance. From their main page: “A network of independent media and a progressive community of progressive communities.” Please check them out!


As promised, we plan to keep these mental health links available in the future as well. For general mental health, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has great resources for people struggling with mental health issues and their families. We also want to draw attention to this article on the stigmatization of the NAMI site.

If you are thinking about suicide or just need someone to talk to right now, you can get help from one of the resources below.



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