Putting risk management practices in the hands of workers


There will always be hazards on the job site. The trick for insurers, armed with the task of mitigating risks on the jobsite, is to use the resources and tools necessary to help prevent mishaps and accidents from happening on a regular basis.

Insurers working in workers’ compensation should be aware of the pitfalls faced by construction managers and their employees hired to perform sometimes hazardous site activities.

For one of the leading providers of workers’ compensation insurance, the preferred solution to reducing the number of claims on construction sites is to use the latest technology to predict, prevent and report any danger related to the construction site.

Pension – getforesight.com – believes that risk mitigation can be put directly into the hands of workers by implementing technology on devices as simplistic as smartphones and tablets and distributing them to workers on any given construction project. This allows for employee autonomy and helps construction supervisors apply diligent risk management practices.

“Foresight has partnered exclusively with the risk management platform, Safesite, which is designed to change and mitigate risk for middle market businesses,” said Emilio Figueroa (pictured), chief insurance officer, Foresight.

“Our mid-market customers in construction, manufacturing, light industrial and agriculture must maintain a safe working environment across multiple sites while meeting tight project deadlines and amidst labor shortages” , said Figueroa.

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“Foresight reduces the overall cost and time spent on maintenance and exceeding OSHA-compliant job sites so businesses can stay profitable while safeguarding the health and well-being of their employees.

Digital risk management at the fingertips of workers

High on Foresight’s list of priorities, Figueroa noted, “making it natural for clients to engage in risk management.”

While traditional legacy-based systems are typically paper-based, which often involves physically placing a person on the job site working through pre-determined lists and manually making risk-based observations, Foresight has chosen to take a digital and proactive approach to risk mitigation with its high-risk industry clients.

“For us, it’s important that we engage the customer, not just top-down, but bottom-up,” Figueroa said.

“Supervisors can quickly document what is happening on the jobsite, and because field data is recorded automatically, the head office team can identify heightened risks early on and take preventative action.”

Foresight’s method of choice for delivering risk management practices directly to workers’ fingertips is an app that can be downloaded to standard everyday devices.

“Provide an application that they [workers] can use the same way they use other apps on their phone – take photos or fill out forms, for example – helps employees improve the culture of safety where they go to work every day Figueroa pointed out.

“The app can be used to minimize their risk management issues and maximize their bottom line.”

Engage in Risk Technology

When asked what Foresight’s site technology specifically does for the client, Figueroa answered without hesitation.

“The risk management technology we’ve created, which is exclusive to Foresight’s workers’ compensation offering, provides risk mitigation controls for customers to log observations, log hazards during controls, conduct safety meetings, and log incidents in the app,” Figueroa replied.

“It saves hours a week.”

To further engage everyone involved, from the construction manager to the hired labor on a high-risk job site, Foresight has made its risk management technology platform available in multiple languages.

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“Most risk management technologies are geared towards English speakers, not the full range of cultures and languages. represented in the workforce,Figueroa explained. “Any employee can choose from several preferred languages ​​in the app.”

In addition to ensuring security checks are performed through the app, Figueroa explained that automated notifications are also built into Foresight’s technology platform to serve as reminders to clients to effectively enforce practices. at risk.

“We make sure that technology-based security programs are achievable,” he said.

New digital directions

Recognizing that the technology path is the path of choice for insurers in the future, Foresight continues to streamline its applications and is actively working to reward Platform adoption by its customers.

“Foresight changes dynamics,” Figueroa said.

“We want to make sure that they [clients] are safe during their work practices so they can return home and spend time with their families,” he concluded.

Emilio Figueroa is a property and casualty insurance thought leader with over 30 years of industry experience. He has worked in almost every aspect of the business, as a broker, with an MGA and in reinsurance. At Foresight, Emilio serves as Director of Insurance, overseeing the development and management of its workers’ compensation program that helps policyholders reduce incidents through proprietary risk management.


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