Protecht Announces Sophisticated Out-of-the-Box Enterprise Risk Management System


Implementing and scaling Protecht.ERM just got easier with Marketplace

SYDNEY, April 04, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Protecht Group Holdings Pty Ltd, a leader in enterprise risk management (ERM) software and services, today announced the launch of Protecht’s Marketplace which enables fast, out-of-the-box implementation of Protecht.ERM.

Marketplace provides preconfigured registries, workflows and reports from industry leading risk professionals for immediate download and installation in Protecht.ERM. This template-based and best-practice content saves time and effort when implementing a quality ERM system. It also allows organizations to stay on top of emerging risks and requirements with a framework that suits them and their risk maturity.

Expert advice, fast

With over 100,000 users, Protecht is uniquely positioned to provide advice on best practices. Preconfigured logs, dashboards, and reports capture this best practice content so customers can download and install packages and be up and running in just 15 minutes with a complete ERM system.

Maturity course

Risk maturity will determine the level of content required by an organization. Marketplace covers this with three packaged offerings – Foundation, Professional, and Advanced.

  • Foundation – is ideal for organizations new to risk management who need an ERM solution that covers key risk areas.

  • Professional – is designed for organizations ranging from operational risk to other risk areas such as third party risk and IT risk.

  • Advanced – is configured for organizations that optimize their risk management programs by integrating across multiple domains with more comprehensive logs, dashboards, and reports.

Stay up to date

Risk and compliance managers are constantly under pressure to proactively manage emerging risks such as cyber and third-party risks as well as regulatory compliance. With Marketplace, customers are kept up to date with these changes with immediate access to package updates.

“Marketplace is a complete game changer. Once a client decides to deploy an ERM solution, they want to start seeing results immediately. With Protecht.ERM and Marketplace, we are able to provide just that. board and reports are pre-populated with best practice content, which means customers are guided through their approach to risk and compliance management every step of the way.We can also say goodbye to lengthy implementations while retaining the flexibility to customize content to meet unique customer processes where appropriate,” says David Bergmark, CEO, Protecht Group.

For more information on Protecht and Marketplace, click on here.

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