Learn cybersecurity and risk management from NIST with this $39 online course


Although it may seem secretive and inaccessible, the field of NIST cybersecurity and risk management frameworks is easy to penetrate when you have the right information. And it’s an increasingly important part of national security. Learn how to navigate and use these government-designed frameworks with a 9 p.m. NIST Course on Cybersecurity and Risk Management Frameworks taught by ITProTV and iCollege.

The Risk Management Framework was developed by the United States Government to establish a process that securely and effectively integrates security, privacy, and cyber supply chain management activities. This framework allows efficient navigation through the various laws, directives, decrees and regulations in place.

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This Classes covers the basic and advanced elements of the RMF process. It is designed to help you build skills to bring value to a range of cybersecurity positions within the United States government.

Whether you’re ready for a career in cybersecurity or just curious about the subject, this course can guide you to gain a solid understanding of the RMF steps and prepare your organization to manage security and privacy risks.

Through the 57 lectures, you will gain insight into real-world perspectives to apply for the improvement of your organization. Specifically, this includes understanding and implementing certain NIST SP 800-53 controls, system and information categorization, monitoring control and risk implementation, and more.

This ITProTV course is provided by iCollege. Taught by seasoned professional Adam Gordon, the course has an average of 4.39 reviews out of 5 stars. Get complex information presented in an intuitive and simple way so that you can use this information in your current work and in your next one.

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For a limited time, the NIST Course on Cybersecurity and Risk Management Frameworks is on sale for just $39. Invest in this expert-taught course to immerse yourself in the workings and functions of this government-designed framework.

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