EPIC Risk Management wants to educate the public about loot boxes after UK government inaction – Reuters


EPIC Risk Management has issued a statement on the UK government decision not to regulate loot boxes with the legislation after months of investigation into the matter.

In the statement released by the company, EPIC said it was “extremely disappointed” with the decision to avoid regulations on the game mechanic, saying it means “under 18s can continue to use them as an unregulated form of gambling” and that they will use the ruling as a catalyst to expand our education offerings in schools across the country, bringing to even greater light the gambling threat they pose.

EPIC was one of the companies that provided evidence to MP Nadine Dorries and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport 17 months ago. They were among groups who wanted to introduce stricter regulations, alongside the ‘leading independent consultant on minimizing gambling harm’ who ‘advocated for a ban on their sale to under-18s and so that parents and guardians receive better education regarding the financial harm the product can cause.

EPIC Risk Management gaming and esports consultant Jonathan Peniket, who himself lost £3,000 to FIFA ‘Player Packs’ as a teenager, said: by a parent or guardian as a step in the right direction, I would liken this notion to allowing 12-year-olds into betting shops as long as they get parental approval.

EPIC Risk Management works with approximately 200 high schools and colleges each year to provide free, independent workshops that attempt to educate young people about the dangers of gambling and how to minimize the harm that risk-based gambling can cause. silver. During the summer break between school terms, the group intends to formulate a program that highlights the hidden risks of loot boxes in video games, which they say are “by far the way to play most accessible for under 18s” in the UK.


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