Blume Global and Resilinc Partner to Add Risk Management Solution to End-to-End Logistics Orchestration Platform


PLEASANTON, Calif., June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blume Global, a multi-modal supply chain orchestration platform that combines end-to-end visibility, supplier management and logistics execution, has partnered with Resilinc, the leading global supply chain risk monitoring, mapping and resilience solution, to provide Blume Global customers with the best risk management solutions.

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Blume Global and Resilinc Teams Participate in Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/XPO at Orlando Floridathis week to explain how their solutions work together to deliver added value to customers. Visit Blume Global at Booth #331.

Continued supply chain disruptions have highlighted the importance of end-to-end supply chain visibility, but shipping transparency is only one piece of the puzzle. Empowering customers to assess possible disruptions and mitigate them with minimal impact is key to true supply chain agility. With Resilinc’s suite of supply chain resilience solutions, Blume Orchestration is complemented by AI-powered event monitoring, supplier visibility, data and risk scoring, and predictive technology that predicts delivery delays, price movements and supply constraints.

“Visibility throughout the supply chain just isn’t enough – it’s also about proactively anticipating issues and evaluating alternatives to execute and complete a shipment,” said Pervinder Johar, CEO of Blume Global. “Blume Orchestration combines real-time visibility with logistics execution. Resilinc’s industry-leading capabilities set the benchmark for supply chain resilience, and we look forward to helping our customers leverage these capabilities.” essential to strengthen their supply chain operations and protect their operations and finances.

Bindiya VakilCEO of Resilinc, said, “We are excited to partner with Blume Global to make supply chain resilience best practices accessible to more organizations with minimal effort and cost. Through our partnership with Blume Global, we will be able to make real-time event monitoring, supply chain mapping, supply risk data and analysis, and scenario planning capabilities available. for Blume customers and enable them to be more proactive in managing supply chain disruptions. »

Blume Supply Chain Orchestration enables collaboration between buyers, suppliers and logistics providers, fostering resilient and agile processes with end-to-end tactical planning, execution and visibility of the supply chain, from manufacturing to transit logistics.

Blume Orchestration provides:

  • Strategic Sourcing: Cultivate resilience by finding the best supplier for your evolving supply chain.

  • Order management: Enable more efficient procurement and delivery processes through standardized ordering and order change processes between buyers, suppliers, and logistics providers.

  • Multimodal booking: Optimize transportation spend with integrated contract management, shipment planning, document management, and booking across all modes, including seamless ocean booking.

  • End-to-end visibility: Go beyond track and trace with accurate sea, air and rail schedules; predictive delivery times and ETA; and punctuality with logistics location health indicators.

  • Control Tower: Build agile supply chains by taking advantage of (and empowering your customers to take advantage of) transportation opportunities and resolving exceptions.

Resilinc is helping to transform the way global organizations approach supply chain visibility and risk, driving them from reactively managing catastrophic supply chain events to implementing preventative solutions through monitoring, mapping and planning. These solutions, driven by AI and machine learning, have enabled today’s largest enterprises to significantly offset supply chain disruptions and ensure resilience. Resilinc’s data capabilities and offerings include:

  • Multi-level mapping: Over a million supplier sites mapped, down to the part level, allowing customers to quickly gain sub-level visibility.

  • AI-based monitoring: Monitor millions of news and social feeds, worldwide and in 100 languages ​​for potentially disruptive events.

  • Patented Risk Scoring: Supplier resiliency scores based on years of research and monitoring of supplier events.

  • Collaboration Center: Automatically confirm impact and work directly with suppliers in the event of disruptions.

  • Commodity market intelligence: Access to pricing and supply constraint behavior for over 30 products.

About Blume Global

Blume Global is a multimodal supply chain orchestration platform that combines end-to-end visibility, supplier management, and logistics execution. As the single source of truth for logistics data, Blume provides visibility across the entire value chain, from sourcing to delivery, enabling customers to use Blume solutions to manage disruptions and create agile plans amid supply chain uncertainty. Blume has the most extensive network among logistics technology providers. Enterprise direct connectivity to ocean, air, rail, parcel, LTL and truckload carriers combine with Blume’s solutions and 28 years of industry data to maximize transportation spend, improve customer service and reduce carbon emissions for users. By developing technology that streamlines the world of logistics, Blume Global is leading the industry in creating supply chain sustainability solutions, fighting climate change by eliminating significant carbon emissions in a world where most goods are transported using fossil fuels.

About Resilinc

Resilinc was founded with the aim of strengthening global supply chains, making them resilient, ethical, transparent and secure. We do this through our technology solutions that create an ecosystem where organizations have unparalleled visibility into their supply networks and can collaborate with their suppliers in a transparent environment.

Since our launch in 2010, Resilinc has defined the supply chain mapping, monitoring and resilience space and is widely regarded as the gold standard for supply chain resilience, worldwide. With 95% of the global supply chain mapped across the industries we serve, we are our customers’ first line of defense, helping them overcome supply disruptions. Our early warning system monitors and predicts potential disruptions to suppliers, sites and materials; our platform allows them to collaborate closely with their suppliers; our information based on historical data gives them options on the appropriate actions to take. Always innovative, our AI-powered predictive solutions can predict delivery delays, price movements and supply constraints for raw materials and commodities before they happen. Resilinc helps our customers protect revenue and turn supply chain risks into opportunities to gain competitive advantage. Learn more about



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