BCT Digital adds enterprise risk management to its rt360-GRC product suite

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BCT Digital adds enterprise risk management to its rt360-GRC product suite

Posted on March 9, 2022

Chennai : BCT Digital, a global Fintech company specializing in regulatory technologies, has launched “rt360 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)”, a product that uses a “Business First, Technology Next” approach to enable companies to identify and control risks arising from their operations. Risks can arise from people, processes and systems, including internal and external sources.

Businesses today have become connected businesses, embraced by new technologies such as third-party cloud infrastructure and services, blockchain, IOT, AI/ML models, and more. While essential, the risks have become more complex. Consequently, organizations are increasingly feeling the need to incorporate powerful risk management strategies to meet their unhindered growth objectives.

The rt360-ERM product offers key functionalities such as the design of risk strategies, the identification of risk sources by exploiting several modes, the assessment and mapping of various risks at the LOB/org level, the definition of treatment of risks and deadlines. It also captures and monitors key risk indicators and provides proactive data insights and analytics. The ERM product is fully compliant with frameworks such as COSO and ISO, industry regulations including Basel guidelines. The ERM product offers unique benefits in terms of providing a 360⁰ view of risk while breaking down silos. Its strategic integration of risk management reduces compliance costs, improves agility and decision-making.

“We are pleased to launch our distinctive and mission-critical enterprise risk management solution, as part of the rt360 product suite. Today’s ever-changing risk landscape can negatively impact an organization’s strategic growth and competitive advantage in the marketplace. Organizations increasingly need to view risk holistically and integrate proactive, high-impact risk management practices into their overall growth and go-to-market strategies. We remain committed to designing effective solutions to enable businesses to manage critical risks and meet regulatory needs, thereby improving operational performance,” said Jaya Vaidhyanathan, CEO of BCT Digital,

The enterprise risk management solution is an addition to BCT Digital’s ‘rt360’ risk management product suite, which has also led to the company earning distinctive recognitions. It was recently named one of Chartis Research’s Top 100 RiskTech Companies in its 2022 report. It was also named a “Category Leader” in the RiskTech Quadrant for 2021 Model Risk Management Solutions.


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