AM Best: Best University Program in Risk Management and Insurance


10. St. John’s University

Total number of votes: 9

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9. Temple University

Total number of votes: 15

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8. University of Alabama

Total number of votes: 18


7. University of Georgia

Total number of votes: 19

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6. California State University, Fullerton

Total number of votes: 22

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5. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Total number of votes: 25

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4. Florida State University

Total number of votes: 40

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3. Olivet College

Total number of votes: 42

(Credit: Royalbroil)

2. Appalachian State University

Total number of votes: 49

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1. Eastern Kentucky University

Total number of votes: 68


The right education is the key to a strong career foundation for students who wish to pursue a career in the field of risk management and insurance (RMI) and universities with strong RMI programs are excellent points starting point for companies looking to recruit next-generation talent.

In addition to offering a range of subjects to pursue, careers in insurance also offer steady income as the average salary of risk professionals has increased by more than 12% since 2019, according to a RIMS survey.

The survey also found that U.S. executives whose title and responsibilities aligned most closely with “director of insurance” and “risk management” saw their salaries increase by nearly $19,000 over the two-year period. , which is the largest increase among those surveyed.

“With business leaders relying heavily on their risk management teams to navigate volatility, disruption and uncertainty, the importance of investing in this essential business function has never been so obvious,” RIMS CEO Mary Roth said in a press release. “Beyond managing adversity, risk professionals bring solutions to strategic conversations that build resilience and drive innovation. These compensation increases reflect the undeniable value that risk professionals contribute to the success of their organization.

The slideshow above reveals the schools that received the most votes in The Best’s Review Survey. More than 300 industry professionals participated in this year’s survey, with more than 80% of respondents being wholly or partially responsible for hiring employees. A total of 48 schools received at least one vote.



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