What to Bring

Here are some suggestions for what to bring to the camp:

Sleeping bag
Roll matt
Waterproof clothing in case it rains
Sun protection/cream
Maybe insect repellent
Tent (if you don’t have one please let us know; we have a few tents that can be borrowed)
Cutlery, dishes (plate and mug or cup)
Your ID card or passport
(Legal information: In Germany there is no law that requires you to carry an ID card or passport, though police can always (and not only during demonstrations) demand that you give them your personal details: full name, registration address, general professional title (e.g. ‘student’ or ‘employee’), place and date of birth, marital status (e.g.
‘single’) and citizenship. If you don’t show an ID card or passport to verify the data you give then they can detain you for up to 12 hours and take pictures and fingerprints. To avoid this stress during police checks it might be a good thing to carry your ID card or passport with you).

If possible for you, we would appreciate very much if you could also bring…

Bicycle repair kit
Car (if you allow us to use your car as a shuttle then you can get the money for the fuel back afterwards)
Vegan food (especially dry food like noodles, rice, pulses)
Banners, signboards and any other action material that fit the issues the camp is focussing on
Infomation (leaflets, books, brochures and so on)
First Aid equipment (first aid kit as well as plasters and the like)
— In case that you are experienced in performing first aid measures it would be great if you contribute your experience at the camp.