The camp takes place at a private meadow, which has been provided be
supporters. This meadow is located at the outskirts of Balge, a small
village near Nienburg.

During the whole camp there will be at least one car to pick up people.
You find further information at Shuttle.
We want to provide as much infrastructure as we can. There will be a big
tent and some smaller tents, for those who cannot bring their own tent.
We will have some bikes for direct action, a cooking-tent,
a FLT* (Female, Lesbian, Trans*) space, and a awareness space.
Furthermore, we provide toilets and solar-powered showers and a
Of course, there will be a place for action-material that you can expand.
There is a list of things you should bring at What to bring.

If there is something missing for your well-being please contact us.