At the camp against animal factories there will be an Awareness Team!

The Awareness Team will be visible und contactable at any time. You can contact us before the camp already, if you have any questions, problems oder concerns. The number is: (soon)

What means Awareness?

Awareness means something like consciousness and care for others as well as yourself. With regard to the camp this means a sensible and mindful interaction with each other especially in critical situations but in the violation of personal borders too. Be heedful with everyone and yourself and try to become aware, that everything you do can impact others. What this might mean you can read in the text about the interaction with each other.

What is an Awareness Team?

The Awareness Team is a group of people who attend the whole camp and try to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone. We will be there, if you do not feel good. We will be there, if you need someone to talk to. We will be there, if you do not feel safe. We will be there, if you feel bad or overstrained in a situation, will a provide a quiet and safe place, if you need it, and will dispense sanitary products. The bottom line is to take care, that the camp will be as great as possible, because Awareness is awesome! It is very important for us, to prevent every kind of discrimination. The Awareness Team will interfere in discriminating behaviour und the definition power is always on the side of the affected person.

Who will be in the Awareness Team at the camp?

The Awareness Team consists of three persons who act completely independet of the Organisation Team. It is a group of nice, sensitive persons with different experiences in awareness work. You can find a short self-presentation with fotos below the text We want to make clear, that we are neither therapeuts nor psychologists and that there is no such thing as a „professional“ awareness worker. It is important for us to be responsive to our own needs as well and we are of course no super heros. But we will give our best to be the greatest Awareness Team ever! Of course this is a huge challenge. You will recognize us by our logo at the camp. We will keep every information, which you give to us during the camp, in confidence and of course there is the option to contact us anonymously. We will be glad about feedback!