As last year the camp will take place at Balge near Nienburg. The adress is Behlinger Mühle 1, 31609 Balge (Gemeinde Holzbalge) this time.

Maybe some of you want to search the adress by a search engine. Please consider that google maps finds the street Behlinger Mühle, but displays the house number 1 wrong! Openstreetmap does not even know the street! So better take our arrival map!

The next train station is in Nienburg (Weser). From there it is ca. 12km to the camp. There is a fine way for bikes and a bus, which does not drive very often though.

Get information about how you can drive and if there is no suitable possibilty, then we will pick you up at the train station at nienburg.

If you want to go by bus from the train station to Balge (and back):

If you arrive at or around Nienburg and there is no bus driving anymore, we will pick you up as well. The information needed therefor can be found here: